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The final word in Learning Haitian Creole is “Teach Yourself Haitian Creole” a book by Yeral Ogando. Click on this site: Amazon Directly link you can purchase this masterpiece on learning Haitian Creole for only $9.99. It will be one of the best investments you will ever make. Let’s put it this way you can learn a new language for less than $10.00.Breaking it down further that is less than a fast food meal.

Learn to write Haitian Creole will come as a natural outflow of your studying Yeral’s book about learning Haitian Creole. You will observe how the language is pronounced and you will have chances to write the grammar constructs out. It’s highly advisable to write down the words from Yeral’s book in both Creole and English. This way you can actually learn to write the words from English to Creole and Creole to English. Writing Haitian Creole will reinforce your learning to speak the language. You write the words out and you can sound them out to teach yourself Haitian Creole. We guarantee you will learn the language in 3 months.

Learn to read Haitian creole – Yeral at the end of his book in lesson 10 provides the student with four articles in Haitian Creole. You cannot help but to learn how to read Haitian Creole by reading through those four articles. Yeral has provided those articles so you can see your progression in you learning. We believe that when you read those 4 articles you will find that you have made significant progress. You will learn studying with Yeral in his enlightening book.

Learn to speak Haitian creole- We can tell you with confidence that you only need Yeral’s book to learn how to speak Haitian Creole. All you need is his book “Teach Yourself Haitian Creole” and his English- Creole dictionary. (Which you can find on and you can find his book there as well.) These are the only tools plus his audio CD’s that you will need to learn Haitian Creole. We think that we offer you the simplest and cheapest resources on the internet to learn Haitian Creole.

Check out which is Yeral’s bio site. You will view his credentials and the many languages he has mastered. He is fluent in over a dozen languages and he has an extensive educational background. Yeral is CEO of Christian-Translation .com a ministry that has been called to translate the works of God all over the globe. Check Yeral’s ministry abilities on You will be confident from His experience in previous translation jobs that he can more than meet your requirement to teach you Haitian Creole. Read the many testimonies from satisfied customers who have been worked with Yeral and his ministry team in the past.

Think of it this way in studying Haitian Creole from Yeral’s book. Really he is teaching you how to translate Haitian Creole into English or whatever language you want to translate it into. But ultimately you will be learning how to speak Haitian Creole.

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