Teach Yourself Italian Conversation

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After completing Teach Yourself Italian volume one, you find yourself speaking the Italian language. You didn’t know how easy it would be to learn how to speak Italian until you bumped into my perfect Teach Yourself Italian method.

You are fluently speaking Italian after finishing the first volume and you think you still need a little bit more of practice to improve your conversational skill. Wait! I have good news. What you have been asking me for, is already here.

Teach Yourself Italian Conversation; whatever you were missing for your speaking skills, you can acquire it now with my perfect proven method of Teach Yourself Italian Conversation.

This is not a first level or beginner’s book. You need to have mastered a middle level of Italian; if you have not done so, then this book is not the right tool for you at this moment. I encourage you to get Teach Yourself Italian volume one, by Dr. Yeral E. Ogando, study it and learn it by heart.

Once you master the first volume of Teach Yourself Italian, you are ready to continue your learning experience with Teach Yourself Italian Conversation. A compressive, advanced and up to date conversation course that will take your speaking and listening skills to its limit.

Everyday conversations turned into an incredible and power learning tool for you to master the Italian language. Every single section in Teach Yourself Italian Conversation comes with a MP3 audio recording for your learning experience.

Teach Yourself Italian Conversation by Dr. Yeral E. Ogando is a revolutionary learning method that will make you speak like a native. Learn your conversational skills directly from native Italian speakers and master the Italian language with Teach Yourself Italian Conversation.




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