essay writersWe are proud to share with you all our books to Learn Haitian Creole. See the list below and if there is a title you cannot find, just drop us an email and we will be more glad to assist you.

Teach Yourself Haitian Creole

Teach Yourself Haitian Creole is the ultimate proven technique for you to master Haitian Creole in less than 3 months.

This incredible book will guide you gradually from recognizing Creole alphabet, identifying the words and learning how to pronounce them easily with our Free Mp3 Audio Bonus.

Teach Yourself  Haitian Creole is not just another book for learning phrases, words, verbs and vocabulary. This amazing book will show you the hidden technique behind the languages and will give you the tools to learn it in a very short time. You will have everything you need to master the language, you just need to pay attention and follow the instructions given in this incredible book.


Teach Yourself Haitian Creole Conversation

You are amazed that with just 3 months studying Teach Yourself Haitian Creole, you are already speaking the language. You did not think it was possible, did you?

Now, you want to move up to the next level. You want to improve your conversation skills.

You want to sound like a native speaker, but somehow you know something is missing.

No need to look any further, with Teach Yourself Haitian Creole Conversation, you will get the conversation skills you need.

Teach Yourself Haitian Creole Conversation is the perfect tool to master your conversation skills. This is not another conversation course; it is much more than that.


Teach Yourself Haitian Creole Bundle

This is not another conversation course; it is much more than that. You will find up to date conversations user by younger generation, lots of new words and expressions. However, that’s not all, I have added a treasure section, a Dictionary section where you will find the definitions in Haitian Creole and its different uses for a large list of words.

Over 500 words defined in Haitian Creole language, giving you approximately over 20,000 thousand words for your knowledge and improvement. Teach Yourself Haitian Creole Conversation is your ultimate technique for speaking the language as a native. I have also included a brief grammar section, just to review what you have learned with my first book Teach Yourself Haitian Creole.

Speak like a native speaker in less than 3 MONTHS with our proven technique for Self-learning. Audio Download included. Take advantage today of our special two volumes combination and get full course now. Two books in One.