November 28, 2017

Best way to learn Haitian Creole

hands down is “Teach Yourself Haitian Creole”, by Yeral Ogondo, is the best method on the internet today. You follow Yeral’s instructions and you will learn Haitian Creole in 3 months. Yeral can teach you to speak the language fluently. He has had years of experience teaching and learning Haitian Creole. He is an established Professor of Biblical languages and has taught himself over 10 languages. You cannot fail to learn Haitian Creole becoming a student of Yeral’s. He has a proven track record internationally of teaching other people foreign languages. His style is easy and simple. He wastes no words or concepts in his book. He will bring you straight to the objective of each lesson.

Best book to learn Haitian Creole I have answered that question for you. Check out Yeral’s book “Teach Yourself Haitian Creole” it is the last word in learning Haitian Creole He will achieve his goal of teaching Haitian Creole in 3 months. I don’t believe any other book or course will make that type of guarantee. You follow along with Yeral’s teaching and you will travel to Haiti and speak like one of the natives. You will understand and speak the language fluidly. You will feel like you have lived in Haiti all your life. This is how well Yeral will teaches the language. You cannot miss with his teaching methods.

While you are at it check out Yeral’s book for only $9.99 on: You can check out some of the material in his book. Now that you have clicked on his book site why not click on his bio. His bio is: there you will find out a little more about Yeral and his ministry and his vision for the world. He has an inviting website at: This site provides you with enlightening facts about Haitian Creole. The option is available to click on the “English” link and the site will translate into English. Click it again and it will return to Haitian Creole.

Learn Haitian Creole pronunciation – Yeral has masterfully covered the pronunciation in breaking down the words into little bites so the whole process is quick and smooth. Visit for a list of Haitian Creole alphabets and pronunciation. A partial list from this site below:

a= [ah] ale———> (ah-lay) =to go
an = [uh] danse———> (duh-say) =to dance
b= [beh] bagay———> (bah-guy) =thing
ch= [sh] achte———> (ah-sh-tay) =to buy
e= [ay] kache———> (kah-shay) =to hide
è= [eh] wè———> (weh) =to see
en= [en] benyen———> (ben-yen) =to shower
f= [f] fini———> (fee-nee) =to finish
g= [jay] gade———> (gah-day) =to look
i= [e] liv———> (leev) =book
in= [in] vini———> (vee-nee) =to come
j= [jee] manje———> (muh-jay) =to eat
k= [ka] kouche———> (kou-shay) =to lie down
l= [l] Kreyòl———> (Kra-yol) =Creole
m= [m] mande———> (muhn-day) =to ask
n= [n] tann———> (tuhn) =to wait
o= [o] mango———> (muh-go) =mango
ò= [aw] zòtey———> (zaw-tay) =toe
on= [awn] kontan———> (kawn-tuh) =happy for a complete list visit the website.

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